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Circular Loom Monitoring System

The “Loom monitoring System” using Production Sensor and Web Interface Unit:

Automatic Loom production and stop time recording system with continuous monitoring, periodic reports over... Read more...>>>

Extrusion Flat Film Stretching Line

Perfect tape quality lowest consumption best economic benefit. Available for Woven sack chemical bag foods bag cement bag leno bag jumbo bag geo-textile tarpaulin carpet....... Read more...>>>

Yongming Circular Loom

Available for Small lay-flat width Woven Bag (Suitable for rice bag, flour bag etc.), chemical bag, cement bag, rice bag, flour bag. Read more...>>>

Flexo Graphic Printing Machine

Water base ink printing, electric quantitative positioning Fast-Color-Registering-System, turret type double stations winding and unwinding, roller type drying oven, chilling roller. Read more...>>>

Weft Break Sensor

Weft break sensor (magnetic sensor) for detecting tape breakages. Read more..>>>


24/7 Service always available.

Our customers always come first. We will take time to listen to you and respond to your needs. Our customer service operators work 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 2pm Saturday. During these times we will reply to your enquiry within 10 - 20 minutes. We can be contacted via our online form, email, phone, fax or by post. Our technician will be stand by 24/7.

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Established in Year 1995

National Investment Company with 25 staff in head office and 300 staff in factory. Manufacturer Importer & Exporter Plastics (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Bags, PP Woven Bags & Stretch Film in any type), woven bag machine, printing machine for woven bag, stretching line machine, plastic recycle machine, circular loom machine for woven bag, and other related plastic machinery.

Our Related Business are Chemical, Plastic Machineries, Dismantling, Erection and Moving Plant Machineries.

Plate Cam Structure Eight Shuttle Circular Loom

Plate Cam Structure Eight Shuttle Circular Loom is specially designed for the high quality tubular or flat fabric by PP and HDPE.

Roll to Roll printing machine

SMJ-230 Inverter Winder

By tension sensor to detect the extruder speed, then through inverter, adjust the winding speed to be synchronized with the extruder. Main components are made of superior material and by imported CNC machine one step finished.    Read On >>

About our company

Cutting & Sewing machine for PP woven bag

High Speed Double Layer 2 Dies Inflation

Cutting machine for PP woven/lamilation bag. Equipped with servo motor for precise cutting length, high quality alloy steel cutter, bag mouth anti-stick device. Read more..>>>

Cutting and Sewing Machine

The woven cloth can be automatically hot-cut off at a fixed length and sewn at the bottom, thus saving the labor strength. The drive is transmitted from a servo-motor to assure the accurate control of the sack length.

Read more...>>>

After Sales Service Spare parts

We provide spare parts for plastic machine such as extruder, circular loom, bag printing machine, bag cutting machine, servo motor and other related spare parts. Read more...>>>

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